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"Scene" unified management photovoltaic enterprise added "anxiety"

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  Heilongjiang province recently issued "heilongjiang province climate resource exploration and protection regulations", put forward "enterprise development of wind power and solar resources detection must be approved by the weather department, and detection of resources belong to national out all". Ridicule from net friend: is flying a kite in the future to bask, became a theft "state-owned assets"?
To this, the personage inside course of study expresses, meteorological department to landscape resources data unified management to the development of the industry. But wind power enterprise worry, detection is subject to the examination and approval, may increase the enterprise operation cost.
Parties say A
  "Symbolic significance is greater than the actual operational"
  ZhangWangChao (heilongjiang provincial party committee political mission is long) : we should not only to see our country population and  partial meteorological disasters, meteorological legislation advance appropriately, help to the local government and enterprise pay more attention to the climate of the development and utilization of the resources and protection, will help us to such as wind power and solar energy to make better use of renewable energy.
  Now come to, the regulations of the symbolic meaning than it operational.
  The symbolic significance is that it in our use of science and technology and the nature of the relationship between coordinator is a kind of legal protection. After implementation regulations may be years for other provinces using for reference.
B industry in the view
  1, "scenery of enterprise is unified management good"
  CaoYin (the United States Martec Wallace zhe China consulting company China branch energy power business director) : in fact about the scenery of the data resources is a enterprise decided the important basis for investment. And get these data for up to a year or two detection, decorate dozens of instrument, the cost is high. So to professional organizations such as the China meteorological administration to do, not only can provide convenience to the enterprise, but also beneficial to grasp the whole country scenery resources.
In addition some information may also be involved in national security, enterprise detection out these data may be transferred to another, it is necessary to unified management. In Germany, the national of photovoltaic resources is also have special institutions for management.
  2, "scenery to state-owned may increase the operation cost"
  A domestic large wind manufacturers personage: provisions may increase wind farm construction operation cost of enterprise increase unnecessary burdens.
  At present, the enterprise construction wind field and photovoltaic power station to get local resources before data and then make a decision of wind field, the construction of the hydropower station scale, usually through the weather bureau buy data, but because the data provided by the material are not complete, so enterprise sometimes need to detect, do not need to go through any department for examination and approval.
C expert views
  "Clear relationship does not represent a fee to belong to"
  MengXianGan (China renewable energy to vice President) : before is built, and photovoltaic farm wind field of enterprise detection, now have this regulation, benefit is able to let the local government know what are the enterprise in the detection that place of resources, to avoid repeated surveying and mapping, also can avoid enterprise horse race circle.
  This and China's constitution of China mineral resources, waters, forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land and beaches and other natural resources are owned by the state is all the same. Wind and solar power belongs to the natural resources it is no question. From the law must be clear about the subordinate relationship. But provisions subordinate relationship, belong to the state and not to say that a fee to use is, I think there may be some misunderstanding. As land, it is also the national, buy a house when the land use fee, but walked in the high street is no charge. Subordinate relationship who belongs to, doesn't mean we must charge.

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