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Sinoma international and photovoltaic solar company investment cooperation in dongying dongying 10 MW photovoltaic project

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  According to the global photovoltaic nets "to understand: China sinoma international engineering Co., LTD has announced its subsidiary materials our international photovoltaic engineering technology (Beijing) Co., LTD. Invested 36 million RMB to with dongying photovoltaic solar energy Co., LTD. Is a joint venture of material in dongying (pv) power Co., LTD, materials our of the registered capital by 90%, dongying photovoltaic investment of 4 million, 10% of the registered capital. The joint venture company will invest in the construction and operation MWp photovoltaic power station in dongying 10 projects.
  Sinoma international said in the announcement for implement related, multiple limited, the development strategy, promote the development of business pv projects, sinoma international holdings subsidiary materials to our invested 36 million RMB and dongying photovoltaic set up a joint venture company. Self-capital is 26 million yuan, the remaining 10 million yuan through the loans.
  Dongying 10 MW photovoltaic project is located in DongYingOu HaoChun road, the project plan total investment is 103 million yuan RMB, the capital all by the joint venture company from its own funds, loans, mortgage amount estimate for 6000 to 70 million yuan RMB, the construction period estimated 3 months. Sinoma international still in a statement said that at present the grid electricity price is 1.2 yuan project/kilowatt hour, but subsequent in holding the power cut in the process to have the risk. Estimated in 2013 formed a joint venture company business income is 13.16 million yuan, total profit of 880000 yuan.


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