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China mold and die industry with high and new technology should be relying on each other

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  Recently, China mould association was established in the twentieth anniversary of. In the meantime, mechanical weekly the reporter interviewed China mold and die industry association secretary-general CaoYanAn.
  Mechanical weekly: mold industry in the national economy function in the construction of more and more obvious. Mould manufacturing industry, has become a new and high technology products of mutual reliance industries, mould industry technology level of high and low even it is the measure of a country level of manufacturing industry. So this for 20 years, our country mould industry really what changes have taken place?
  CaoYanAn: 20 years ago, our country die and mould industry is only about 2 billion yuan annual output, and now has reached 45 billion yuan of above.
  20 years ago, China's total import and export volume mould only about $26 million, import and export of 18 than is: 1, and today, import and export totaled us $1.7 billion, import and export of up to four than: 1.
  Twenty years ago, our country mold production enterprise is only a few thousand home, is basically a state-owned enterprises, mould produced the mixed rate of 90% or more, commodity rate of less than 10%. Today, the mold production enterprise has amounted to more than   2, the state-owned and private enterprises, foreign invested enterprise with nearly 50% die product quality.
Twenty years ago, our country mold manufacture mainly by the traditional manual design, by experienced fitter for leading the skills of master production type way to give priority to. And now, our country mould manufacturing has access to modern industrial production of times, digital and information CAD/CAM/CAE technology and the numerical control machine tools already widely adopted, become the technology-intensive and capital-intensive industries of high technology industry.
  20 years ago and now than in the production of precision mould in China has reached micron grade, die life, improve dozens of times, mold production cycle shortens about 3/4, die from standard parts coverage is almost zero, at about 45%.
20 years ago colleges in our country does not have a professional mold, and now, there have been six, seventy colleges and universities set up mould professional, mould talents cultivation of a big step.
  Mechanical weekly: between the government and enterprises as the bridge and link, the mould industry in promoting the healthy development of deepening reform and played an important role which?
  CaoYanAn: 20 years, China mold and die industry association always adhere to the service to enterprises, for industry services, for the purpose of serving government, according to the characteristics of the mould industry in our country, the thorough investigation and study, the counsel for the development, for enterprise does the practical work, get inside and outside all aspects of sure industry.
  Into the 1990 s, China mold and die industry have the certain scale, due to mould are batch production, technology content, labor cost more than major, product JingZengZhi percentage, and mould enterprise value added tax burden overweight also highlight out to make the mould industry the development of an important bottleneck. For this purpose, China mould association many times to relevant government departments report the situations and problems, the state economic and trade commission and the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation support, the 1997 started in some mould enterprise executes mould product value added tax first levied then returned preferential policies. The policy of the past 7 years, enjoy the enterprise already from the policy of state-owned enterprise expansion to collective, private and other domestic enterprises; Enterprise number from the beginning of 80 home increase for 160 home; Years of tax returns from 24 million yuan to 100 million yuan of above.

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