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Highlights of the die design contour injection molding technology points

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  In the whole highlights non-mark injection molding process, the quality of the die design directly affect the product quality is one of the important factor, the stand or fall of mould also led directly to the product appearance quality and product cycles of the key.
Influence of the mould are the major factors mould material, mold design and manufacturing process, etc.
  (1) die material die material needs to have good polishing sex, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat strength, toughness, processing performance and low thermal expansion coefficient, etc. Which sex, corrosion resistance, polishing hot strength, thermal expansion coefficients on the highlights mould is especially important. Such as mould polishing sex differences, surface roughness, or corrosion or injection is water deposition, cannot undertake high gloss product molding; The rapid changes in temperature to die material strength, thermal expansion coefficient of heat also had higher demand of currently used specular die material has Hitachi metal CENA1, Japan datong NAK80 and S-STAR, ASSAB 5136 or S136H (420), POLMAX mirror, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistant steel mold, and low highlights mould also have used the conventional die material of applications. Hitachi metal plastic forming die super large development with material CENAl α is specially developed product highlights mould, won the 2007 Japan's new product award. Its comprehensive performance is good, wear resistance, machining, toughness, corrosion resistance are better, and polishing of excellent, highlights the best mirror molding is one of the die materials.
  (2) the mold design and manufacturing highlights mould in addition to mould surface high quality requirements outside, mold temperature dynamic changes than ordinary mould many complex structure, including internal pipe mold design and manufacture of the influence the quality of the die, production is the key period and the mould cost.
  To ensure the uniformity of the mould surface temperature and rapid change, mould internal must offer rational pipeline ensure rapid warming and cooling. Conventional die in the pipe system generally take straight pipe, through the drilling to achieve, this design manufacturing is suitable only for product surface structure is simple product, such as: DVD panels, LCD face case of the home appliance such as shell, but we can't meet complicated mould of mold surface temperature uniformity requirements. Complex highlights mould through the layered structure or other special methods piping layout from mould surface constant distance place to meet the requirements, including layered structure is relatively easy to implement. Layered structure of the cavity and (or) cores mountain of two parts: the upper is a basic uniform thickness of the cavity parts, positive processing out of the mold formed surface, on the back of a uniform space processing semicircle pipe, and the lower is a lining board, has a corresponding with the upper parts surface, and work out even space semicircle pipe, the form with empty asked pipe, to solve the uniformity of the heat transfer, can be in a short time even improve the mould surface temperatures. Compared with the ordinary mould, because the pipeline quantity, distance die surface close, cooling heating time all can greatly shorten the, make high-gloss injection moulding cycle than conventional injection molding cycle is short, realizing fast circular shape, but also led to a layered structure processing cost increase, die life is short.
  In addition, cold and heat cycle quickly to the other parts of the mould also put forward higher request. In order to prevent the heating system in mould part other effects, to positioning device, smoke core and steering mechanism with the movement of the part of the thermal insulation, seal and cooperate with the need to play carefully considered, avoid bad, slide block mould leaves no movement, positioning poor happens.
Highlights in mold, there is a single die materials, and higher price, mould manufacturing cost is high, die life is low, the complicated mould manufacturing difficulties, cycle is long, that a high-gloss injection moulding is limited to the forming of simple structure products such as flat plastic shell structure simple appearance products. Future research and development highlights precision mould manufacturing new technology and new mould material, combining modern CAE technology, rapid manufacturing technology, polishing technology, surface processing technology, realize the mould surface, mould internal pipeline, mould parts of the high-efficient precise design processing.

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