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Model and key steps try importance analysis

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Most of the defects in the product shape is plasitcization and injection phase of the cause, but sometimes also and die design not relevant, may influence factors include: the cavity number, cold/hot runner system design, well into the mouth of the type, location and size, and the structure of the product itself. Therefore, in order to avoid the mold design and cause products defect, we need in the manufacture of mould, mould design and process parameters analysis.
Die design not often causes the final product appeared this or that kind of defects. So, in the mold before changes, usually to try mode and evaluation, optimization of mold design and process parameters, such ability avoid unnecessary error, to achieve the twice the result with half the effort, at the same time satisfy the mass production of high quality requirements.
Why must try mode?
In the testing purpose for the results, the operator usually need to mold the specific situation of the assessment, and avoid to die in the process of modified unnecessarily increase cost and time. In most cases, the evaluation also includes the machine in the process parameters Settings. That is, in order to make up the deficiency of the mould design, the operator may unknowingly was not correct Settings. In this case, the production equipment operation process is not normal, because production qualified products the needed parameters Settings range is very small, once the parameters set any small deviation, may result in the end product of quality far beyond the range of error allowed, and the resulting actual production cost often beforehand than the mold optimal costs of much higher.
The purpose of the testing purpose is to find out the optimization process parameters and mold design. So, even materials, machine set or environmental factors have changed, still can ensure a stable and continuous mass production of the environment, and not just to get a good sample. That's very important.
Try the basic steps of mould
Step 1. Set the temperature of the material barrels.
Note here is that the material barrel temperature setting initial must be based on the recommendations of the material suppliers. This is because, different manufacturer, different type of the same materials may have a quite big difference, and material supplier is not conscious of his own material has a thorough research and understanding. Users can according to their recommendations for basic Settings, then according to the specific production appropriate fine-tuning.
In addition, still need to use probe to measure the actual temperature melt. Because we set by the barrel temperature often due to environmental materials, the temperature sensor type and position depth and different reasons, and can't guarantee and melt temperature 100% agreement. Sometimes because of the existence of oil or other reasons, the melt temperature and material of barrels actual set temperature difference is very big (before, we had both are as high as 30 temperature difference between the example).
Step 2. Set the temperature of the mould.
Also, the initial mould temperature setting must also according to the material suppliers recommended value.
Note that, what we say mold temperature refers to the surface temperature of the cavity, and not die temperature controller is displayed on the temperature. Most of the time, because the environment and the mould temperature controller improper selection of power and other reasons, mold temperature controller in that the temperature and the temperature of the cavity surface is not uniform. Therefore, in a formal test mode, before it cavity surface to the temperature measuring and record. At the same time, it should be to the mold cavity in different positions of the measurement of the temperature of the various points to check whether balance, and record the corresponding results, thought the follow-up of the mold optimal with reference data.
Step 3. Based on experience, the initial set of plastic injection pressure, the amount limit, injection velocity, cooling time and screw speed parameters, and the proper optimization.
Step 4. Test for filling, and find out the other. Convert point is to show from the injection phase to the pressure switch phase point, it can be screw position, the filling time and fill pressure, etc. This is the process of plastic injection in the most important and one of the most basic parameters. In the actual filling tests, the need to follow the following:
(1) trial holding pressure and the holding time usually set to zero;
(2) products generally to fill, depending on wall thickness and die structure design;
(3) the injection velocity will affect turn pressure o 'clock position, therefore, in every time change injection velocity at the same time, must reconfirm turn pressure points.
Through the fill test, users can see materials in the cavity flow path to judge out of the mold in what place easily trapped gas, or what place needs

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