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Common plastic mould problem solution.

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See plastic mold problem solving
Plastic products processing--prevent mould crack method
Mould crack reason.
1-1, mould rigid insufficient
1-2, the stress concentration of the cavity edge
Second, related knowledge
2-1, mould wall thickness design, mold design is an important parameter, strength calculation (simple tension simple calculation), to ensure that the necessary thickness mold. Also, to use the additional groove mould overall rigidity.
3-2, in the processing of cavity when the edges and corners of easy to have the stress concentration, in this place also easy to crack, so on edges must be processed into a garden in the corner of the shape of the R
Three, solution
3-1, the edges and corners of the cavity processed into the shape of a garden Angle R, in the mold parting surface processed into fluted shape to strengthen and enhance the rigid mold
Four, the materials of the difference;
4-1, there is no special reason.
Plastic products processing--prevent mould viscous bending method
A, mould produce viscous bend reasons
1, mould rigid insufficient
2, due to the expansion of the mould injection pressure up
Second, related knowledge
2-1 cavity due to the role of the injection pressure how many can expand a little, if is in the mold on the same, but in fact in the mould of the high pressure remains under the condition of the products cooling curing, mould in restorable in reaction to a great force in mould, making mould had to open a little.
Three, solution:
3-1 instant: DuiShe out pressure for the management, don't rise to the value of the above should be set.
3-2 long-term: set groove, mandatory adjustments.
Four, the materials of the difference;
4-1, rigid big materials difficult point.
Five, reference matters;
5-1, because the trial to mold the likely to happen, in the mold on the additional qianbanbiao, side monitoring side injection pressure rise slowly, in this way is better.
5-2, produce viscous expansion of the mould, from injection machine remove decomposition, with heating methods to make products after soften them.
5-3, is due to the lack of rigid mold, from the outside to strengthen the clamping with plywood.
Plastic mould knowledge-the cause of the broken mould is out of stock
1-1 stripping pins toughness insufficient
1-2 stripping pins for root garden Angle R not completely.
Second, related knowledge
2-1 stripping pin hole mold with the lock on the mould screw location, so stripping pins both fine again
Long, for the molding pressure, easy to bend, also easy to break, so the pin must be heat treatment to both very toughness and to have certain degree of hardness.
2-2 due to pin the stress concentration in the mostly in the garden Angle R, so, when in this part of the process if there was damage here stress concentration and to break things common stripping pins.
Three, solution
3-1 stripping pins for heat treatment.
Due to the differences between the four materials;
3-1 no special reason
Five, reference matters
4-1 usually die should have the pin stripping spare parts.
Plastic mould knowledge-take out remain in mold cavity products method
1, with brass piece of hard packed into products within the gap with mold, pry the make products leave the cavity, but to the ferroalloy mould using this method is important.
2, in order to achieve this goal, in injection molding machine should have brass piece (for example thick 3 MM wide, 300 MM, front mould into shape of the sword brass)
3, with a screwdriver for use can make mould major damage.
4, neither to cut off and then can't crack products, with the above to speak directly with the hammer of brass on light into products, but this may make the cavity surface recession, so only in the surface of the products and surface model make crack, don't touch injury cavity surface.
5, in order to cut off the products also have direct method of heating with flame blower, this is just for large occasion to effective. But to note must be far away from the fuel. On the occasion of the small can use "and take out remaining in the feed in the mouth note head method at 4" methods take out.
6, there is a small part of the fruit also can't take out how to do the products the piece, use this material solvent (such as acetone, etc) coating on it, to stay after dissolving in a yellow tongbang knock out, but be aware that solvent don't close to the fire.
7, remove DE cavity surface residual products, swabbed clean cloth and spraying on softening agent. However, we should pay attention to release agents of products of the two processing (coating, soluble pick) influence, when using, carefully
Plastic mould knowledge-prevent mould rusty method
A, mold the cause of rust;
1-1, molding materials the products of decomposition.
1-2, the resurgence of mould.
1-3, hands sweat.
Second, related knowledge;
2-1, molding materials the products of decomposition (gas, residues) to mold the corrosion of the most common. In order to pr

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