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Mould project implement organization scheme

  Your company I company in cooperation, our company will be operating mode according to the following:
  1. Professional project team was established
  Team members include management, technology, manufacturing and after-sale related person, designated professional project team leader.
  2. Communication
  Through the mutual communication, communication, we have learned that your company equipment, mould, chartered plane needs to improve what, use our abundant field experience to communicate, how to best improvement to meet your need. Communication is the cooperation of both sides foundation, only through the entire aspect communication, to enhance the understanding of both sides, the problems of communication more thoroughly: through your technology, production and process related personnel's communication, and to discuss the structure characteristics of the products of its molding the effect of process and equipment interface size, knowledge of past equipment, mould, chartered plane in the production process and potential frequent questions of the quality problem for us in the design process to avoid the same problem again.
  3. Optimization design
  According to your company to provide product drawings, structure, process requirements and equipment related parameters on the mould, chartered plane specific requirements, the company worked out according to the experience of 2 ~ 3 design (according to mould subject, core-pulling mechanism, components selection) and your company a joint review optimization, do structure, the best scheme. A pair of successful key lies in the mould design, in order to make the mould structure tend to be more reasonable, reliable, and improve a try mould qualified rate, through the communication with your company, according to the following three optimization design:
(1) the mold size: is to ensure that the products of the size of the important factors;
(2) core-pulling mechanism: influence the quality of the die factors is core-pulling mechanism of action of reliability and stability;
(3) mould temperature: mould temperature control is to influence the quality and efficiency of von berg systeme the main factors, the temperature control key is the reasonable arrangement of water pipe.
  4. Implementation of mould standardization
Mould making is each enterprise standardization pursuit of the direction, many enterprises in this respect it is difficult to achieve, but my company is very attention, communication design from the beginning, implement standardized production mold.
(1) combination mold: the same series of different specification products recommended design combination to make in the model with mold commitment to reduce costs, and can do change fast;
(2) using commonstandard spare standardization: in order to reduce the user for developing new products to mold of devotion, I to the conventional mould company change: to have mature or the part of the mold to finalize the design, we all have standardized, thus not only shorten the construction period, but also for vulnerable parts easy maintenance, replacement is strong, and to reduce the maintenance cost.
  5. Improve efficiency and reduce cost
(1) the stable quality: because the mould structure design is reasonable, the production process in strict control, components reliability and choose preciseness of the assembly, so as to make mould product quality is stable, and to reduce the accidents;
(2) the maintenance convenience: in the design was adopted on standardized using commonstandard spare, and try to reduce water, gas path connecting point, reduce accidents and convenient maintenance;
(3) try die a qualified rate: normally, box, door body vacuum forming die generally try mould workload consumption is bigger, the testing purpose for a long time, and I only need the company generally very few sheet and short time can try qualified product, greatly saves your time of the mould, reduce the try try the materials costs.
6. Project summary
Project installation debugging finish, and by the customer acceptance, held in a week this project the review meeting, this program from design to delivery problems in the process of using, experience, window summarized, in order to better service to clients.