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  (a) the quality guarantee measures
  1. My company is engaged in the machine tool, new energy equipment, environmental protection equipment design, research and development, manufacturing, mechanical equipment, mould, fixture and mechanical parts of the production, processing, and refrigerators, freezers mould, home appliance equipment, machine manufacturing company, and have rich design, manufacture, installation and debugging experience, equipped with professional installation team, my company has a complete quality assurance system to ensure the quality of products.
  2. We provide products fully using international advanced technology, the key accessories USES the import original installation or choose domestic well-known brand, to ensure that the products high reliability, maintenance is convenient to use.
  3. In processing production process, in order to ensure the product quality, we is used to the following main measures:
  3.1 material selection: strictly according to drawing, batch big related designated factory selection, wireless inspection, to ensure the materials quality.
  3.2 standard control: strict implementation of the relevant approval.
  3.3 producer: in manufacturing, assembly and equipment installation, the field technical personnel the direct supervision, but also to welcome you with staff supervision.
  3.4 and electrical related aspects of choose and buy: domestic electronic components to choose high-quality domestic famous brand product, the key electrical components are imported brand.
  (2) pre-sale, sale and after-sale service
  1. The design was finished, ask for user opinion, then drawings will harm, after the production.
  2. Installation: the user operation maintenance personnel training, content including explanation, demonstration, the actual operation.
  3. Commissioning, the commissioning a month, our staff team operation, and guide the operating personnel
  4. After acceptance, one year warranty. The warranty expires, we still continue to guarantee, because the user operation caused by the improper damage components, receive the appropriate fee.
  5. We received in the mould, the equipment, the user fault plane after notice, according to actual situation to the fastest speed distance that arrived at the scene (the most late is less than 24 hours), and quickly remove the faults.